Know How Nicotine Is Responsible For Acne Breakouts

The primary ingredient of cigarettes, nicotine contributes to acne breakouts in following ways:

Smoking reduces the inflammatory response in the skin. It weakens the immune system of the skin, which slows down wound healing.

Smoking reduces the presence of vitamin E in the skin. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant which protects the skin from pollution, sunlight, and other damages. These damages oxidize the sebum in the skin, which can trigger acne.

Smoking has also been known to contribute to hormonal acne. Several studies have shown that smoking leads to increase in free testosterone. Studies have also shown that smoking increases blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Both these factors can aggravate hormonal acne.

Even if you try the best acne gel in India your efforts may prove futile if they aren’t accompanied with measures which aid acne removal. Rather than trying various skin care products and dietary changes, it is better to prevent acne breakout in the first place. So rather than adding acne to the risks posed by smoking, add it as another entry to the list of why you should quit smoking.