Best OTC Acne Treatment To Rely On

Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzoyl peroxide works as an antiseptic and reduces acne by removing excess oil and getting rid of dead skin cells. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces whiteheads and blackheads. OTC benzoyl peroxide will be a part of any best acne soap or gel, with strengths ranging from 2.5 to 10%.

Salicylic Acid: This ingredient removes the dead skin cells and unclogs the pores on the skin. OTC salicylic acid is available in creams, washes, facial scrubs, and cleansing pads in different strengths (0.5-5%).

Sulfur Acne Products: Sulfur too gets rid of dead skin cells and unclogs skin pores by suppressing acne-causing bacteria. It also removes excess oil and is generally combined with the above ingredients. OTC sulfur products are usually leave-on acne products.

Retinol Products: Derived from Vitamin A, retinol products unclog pores and make skin look brighter. These are also leave-on acne products, like spot treatments, and are often found in anti-aging products.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Lactic acid and glycolic acid are the two types of alpha hydroxyl acids. These are obtained from sugar-containing fruits and are available in a wide range of cleansers, lotions, creams etc. These products reduce inflammation and remove dead skin cells as well.s

So lead your battalion against acne with these ingredients and have a better shot at victory. Zero in on the best acne gel or soap with these ingredients and on the off chance that the products fail, don’t lose hope. Nuke your acne with a visit to the dermatologist!