A Truth That Changed My Life

I never cared much about how I looked. My skin was full of acne but my focus was always on polishing my talent and not my face. My name is Divyanshi and I am a proud state level music champion. The art of singing has been my passion since childhood and probably, it is the only thing which I crave for. Just give me a CD full of music tracks and you can leave me alone at any secluded place for days. Such is my love for music.

There is a very thin line between pride and vanity. It was my conceit that brought me down from cloud 9. I thought myself to be the best artist in the country until I participated in a reality show- a show that changed my life forever.

As usual, I performed well in the auditions and went straight into the final list of the chosen participants. I was very happy that day and my prodigious pride knew no bound. It was 2 days later; I got a call from the crew of the reality show. They said, “Divyanshi, we are sorry to inform you that you are not selected, you can pack your bags and go home”. I was so shocked that I could not utter even a single word. The phone call got disconnected soon. Regaining my senses, I called them back and told them that they must have made a mistake as I was in the final list. They replied saying “Sorry Divyanshi, but we have rejected you on the basis of your personality, prepare for next season, better luck next time”.

I cried like a feeble baby in my hotel room while my mother watched me with tears in her eyes too. My ego was lying on the floor like a pile of useless garbage that day.

When I was finished, she came closer to me and handed me Acnestar. My I began using Acnestar. Within few months, I could see new me in the mirror. Acnestar was really effective. Yesterday, I went for the audition in another prestigious music show. Guess what? I was complimented more for my skin than my understanding of music. I am selected and they have confirmed my stay in Mumbai.
Thanks to Acnestar.

Image Courtesy: metro, pinimg, shutterstock, sunraysme, amazonaws, ytimg